Top ways to build confidence

Anne Taylor works with individuals, to develop strategies for achieving personal or business goals through individually tailored confidence coaching. Lack of confidence can hold back even the most able among us, and it is a common problem to be beset by self-doubt. A study of managers by the European Institute of Leaders and Management revealed that around 50% of women, and 31% of men in managerial positions confessed to feelings of self-doubt, and a lack of confidence.

Confidence coaching by leading business and personal coach, Anne Taylor, will help you develop personally tailored strategies to limit the negative effect of lack of confidence on your personal and professional life, allowing you to achieve your potential, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Five ways to build your own confidence are:

1. Identify why you want to improve your confidence, and why you may be considering confidence coaching. Think about why you want more success, and identify your business or personal goals.

2. Remember a time you felt confident and what it felt like, or think of someone you consider confident – watch what they do, say and how they hold themselves.

3. Be selective about your friends. Choose to spend time with people who have a positive attitude, and limit the time you spend with those who spread negative feelings.

4. Make small changes. Rather than trying to take on a whole new way of behaving, change a tiny aspect of your behaviour, adding a more positive way of behaving, and gradually expand this new behaviour pattern until your new behaviour supplants your old routines.

5. Prioritise your goals. Be firm about what you spend time on. Reduce the time spent on negative, unproductive activities, to free up more time to devote to positive, confidence – building activities.

Anne Taylor’s confidence coaching can help you combat feelings of inadequacy, and lack of confidence, helping you deal with thoughts, and fears that limit your potential for achievement and happiness. To find out how you could benefit from confidence coaching, contact Anne Taylor at DIRECTions coaching on 02031516830.