Anne Taylor – My Story

I worked in highly complex and  pressurised corporate environments for the first 20 years of my career.

I’ve been where you are, have wrestled with the issues that weigh on your mind, and have gritted my teeth to get through some days just like you’re doing.  

I was just trying to do what was expected; to do the best job I could. You’re probably doing the same. 

Now I am in a  place to help you through to the other side…But let’s start at the beginning…

My dad was a businessman – and that’s probably why I pursued business as my degree.

Once I graduated, I had increasingly responsible jobs across marketing, business management and business strategy development. 

I worked for companies such as IBM, P&G + Nestlé working across many regions and countries . My last corporate position was Global Marketing Manager at Nestlé in Switzerland for KIT KAT, AERO and SMARTIES and  strategic oversight for the Confectionery Business in North America, Australia, UK and Japan.

After the sudden death of both my parents in Canada within a few months, my eyes were opened to coaching and the power and importance of being heart-smart: aware of my emotions and their impact. I started to believe that leaders need to be head and heart smart for continued success and satisfaction. I realised that the part of the job I loved the most was when someone asked, “Can we talk?” and would share their struggles and concerns with me.  

While still living in Switzerland I completed rigorous training to become a Certified Professional Co-Active  Coach; launching Directions Coaching. I was interested in Executive Coaching and Personal Coaching with a focus on Authentic Leadership – being yourself to lead consciously; a passion I hold to this day.

I left Nestlé and my 26-year relationship ended; moved to the UK, and London specifically, where I knew 3 people. 

These days, I am one of a small number of Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) in the world as certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF). And am grateful to create safe spaces for executives to grow as leaders and dare I say, human beings (even if not relevant initially).

I believe that when we act and behave with emotional intelligence, business, lives and relationships are better.

My mess is my message, this has been my journey.


Nestlé, Nestec, Ford and more who remain confidential.

Lloyds of London, Deutsche Bank and many more through London Business School.

I’m an Associate Coach at London Business School, a Board and Executive Coach for a leading integrated talent development and outplacement service provider and an Executive Coach for the Firefly Group.

I am also proud to be a volunteer member of the London Dean’s Advisory Council for Lazaridis School of Business + Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU), my alma mater.


Strengths Profile Assessment and Development Tool


Executive Team Alignment Facilitation and Coaching Process (ExecuTAP®)

Point Positive Strengths Tool + Process


AEM-Cube Strategic Profiler from Human Insight Academy



MTS 360 + DiSC Personality Profile

Coaching High Net Worth Individuals

Team Values and Team Engagement Experience

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Coaching and Neuroscience

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)

NEO Personality Inventory Assessment

Leadership Embodiment

Competing Values Framework


Co-Active Training Institute Leadership Development Spain

Intensive 10-month leadership programme, with 4 residential weeks, weekly group work, paired project and individual work. The participants continue to this day with projects, annual retreats and ongoing growth.


IMD Program of Executive Development (PED) Switzerland

Two five-week intensive residential programmes that integrated the necessary elements for executive development in today’s business world.


London Business School/Nestle Leadership Programme

Two one-week residential programmes to translate “Nestlé’s Management and Leadership Principles” into daily practice.


Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, WLU

Co-op Option with work experience at IBM’s commercial unit and development lab; and with an entrepreneurial Doctor developing pioneering AIDS educational seminar (in the 80’s!).



As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Professional Certified Coach through ICF, I adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and an on-going development programme.

In addition to ICF’s requirement of my continuing professional development, it’s really important to me that I am always learning and developing myself personally and professionally, so I can better help my clients.

To this end, I undertake coach training, supervision, therapy and coach mentoring.