My 1:1 coaching draws on my significant experience in the corporate world, my love and knowledge of all things business, learnings from running my own business + supporting other entrepreneurs and leaders + my belief in the power of personal awareness and conscious choice.

I offer leadership coaching to create more effective and impactful leaders; guiding ambitious individuals through a transformative process which will help you understand how to motivate your team, how to influence others and how to be more assertive.

Grow yourself – Authentic leadership

  • Do you want to be more strategic + less hands-on, especially if you’ve just been promoted? 
  • Would you like to improve your presence at work, be more vocal in meetings, and feel more comfortable + confident contributing? 
  • Would you like to empower + develop your teams, by inspiring, motivating + engaging them, to get better results?

Grow your people – Motivate Your Team

  • Do you have a newly promoted leader who needs to work on their presence and confidence? 
  • Are you keen to create more strategic leaders who can engage, motivate + inspire their teams; driving them to bigger and better results while being mindful of their wellbeing?
  • Do you have high potential talent who need support to successfully take the next big step?


It’s lonely at the top, and many high-level executives work with a coach so they have a safe place to share worries, expose vulnerabilities and have a trusted sounding board to explore thoughts, ideas and options.

Your attitude and leadership style set the tone for your team, and cascades across your organisation, so we make sure that you have the influencing styles and behaviour change necessary to be the executive and leader you want to be.

When I work with executives, my focus is on their personal brand and impact on their organisation. I encourage them to look at themselves with the same scrutiny with which they look at their business.


When coaching high potential talent, the focus is generally on development and growth.

The themes that most often arise are letting go of detail, thinking more strategically, and that often tricky switch from doing the work to managing those people that now do the work.

It’s all about going from functional expertise to leading people, developing skills of delegation, giving feedback, and prioritisation.

If you’re open minded to change, and have a desire to learn more about yourself, how you could work with others more effectively, and how you can grow to become a better leader, please get in touch today.



My clients say that working with me is positive + motivating, and results in notable + lasting improvements.  I’m supportive + challenging, factual + intuitive, direct + tender, provocative + accepting; efficient + effective and quickly get to the point; providing a safe place for you to learn + grow.


I offer a 1:1 executive coaching programme tailored to your goals and situation; with variables including how ambitious you want to be, the number of goals you want to achieve and how fast you’d like to go.

You’ll need to dig deep and be honest as we go through the process, and you will experience huge satisfaction and tangible results if you stick with it.


During coaching, you’ll become aware of your values, strengths, purpose, stress levels, work/life satisfaction, beliefs (empowering and limiting ones) and what triggers or frustrates you. 

You’ll become more self-aware and hence able to self-manage for greater effectiveness.


Once you’re ready to find out more about coaching, we’ll begin with a complimentary session – a 60-minute phone call at a mutually convenient time.

This call will help you explore your interest in coaching and will help you firm up what you want to get out of coaching + what you want to be different in your work and /or life.

Some clients report feeling apprehensive before booking their call. That’s normal.

You only need to reflect and complete a simple list of questions (simple list, might not be easy) and a 2-minute assessment tool beforehand.

Then all you need is a phone, something to capture your notes and a willingness to be open and honest about your life right now.

Everything you say to me is confidential, and in the service of making your life better.
You’ll leave this complimentary call with a lot to think about, ideas to try and greater clarity on the issues you’re facing.

You’ll feel supported and heard; like you’ve made a bold and necessary step in transforming your life.


Once you’ve had your complimentary session and we’ve decided to continue, I’ll ask you to complete a more searching questionnaire as pre-work.

We’ll then plan your coaching programme. This is likely to run for between 6 – 12 months.
You can choose whether it will be more beneficial to you to see me to work together for one hour twice a month, or two hours once a month. Most executives do 2 hours/month.
Some clients on maintenance packages continue with one session per quarter.

When we are working together 1:1, we can have face-to-face sessions, phone or video conferencing sessions or a mixture of all three.

I also offer email support and five-minute laser phone sessions in between sessions at no charge.

If you – or others – have noticed that you have areas to improve in your leadership, I can help you grow yourself + your team.



Foundational work

Establish goals, tangible behaviours and measures of success. This may include your corporate sponsor, or HR if appropriate.

Discover yourself in detail

Become aware of your values, strengths, purpose, stress level, work/life satisfaction, your beliefs (empowering and limiting ones). More self-awareness is basis for your improvement.

Understanding others in your work & life

Improve your social awareness, respond rather than react, and self-manage for greater effectiveness.

Negotiating the space between you and others

Have presence and be present, adapt authentically and manage relationships better, every time.

Results and sustaining

Evaluate progress, celebrate achievements and reflect on your experience + how you can keep the momentum going.

= you more able to inspire, engage and motivate your team

Depending on your needs and situation you may also have external input:

3600 review to get input for senior management, peers, team members, suppliers

Stakeholder interviews on strengths, development opportunities and barriers

Point Positive/Realize 2 Strengths Assessment, or other tools if relevant and useful

AEM-Cube Strategic Profiler from Human Insight Academy

No matter your age + stage, you can learn, change, improve + grow; as a leader and a human being.



“Anne was my executive coach and she was practical in her approach, deliberate and introduced me to soft skill. She helped me to understand the value of working on improving my people skills in and outside of work which helped me to continue to deliver results and improved my relationship with my team whilst improving the culture. For me, this was the missing link in what would ensure future success.”

Dan Persad, Global Banking (Strategy & Execution) Sr Executive

Case Study: Coaching covered 3 goals – (i) contribute more strategically; (ii) display more empathy in interactions; (iii) broader range of influencing styles for persuading a variety of stakeholders.

Anna, her boss and HR rated her on a scale of 1 – 10 for her effectiveness before and after the coaching on her effectiveness on each of the 3 goals.

She achieved: 60% on strategic thinking 17% increase on empathy 14% increase on influencing

Anna, Head of Commercial in Manufacturing Company