Welcome to Anne Taylor’s Directions Coaching – Executive Coaching and Personal Coaching in London and abroad.

Learn how to influence others, be more assertive, effective & efficient and get work/life balance.

The right coach, and the right type of coaching, can transform your life; giving you the space + time to assess where you are, understand what’s important to you + create a path to better leadership and more personal fulfilment.

All this is within your reach, and it’s within your power to make it happen, and happen soon if you make the choice.

Whether you need support to identify + shape your leadership style, identify what you want from your life + get it or balance these two competing desires, I can help you.

I offer no nonsense, practical and results-oriented leadership coaching and personal coaching with a focus on personal awareness and conscious choice.


My unique and powerful coaching approach is all thanks to my significant international Fortune 100 management experience, lived entrepreneurial experience from building and running my own business, extensive training and coaching know-how from thousands of hours of coaching ambitious professionals with a track-record of success.

I’ve been where you are now. I’ve had the corporate life with all the trappings, stresses and the issues with work/life balance. My hundreds (if not thousands) of clients have been there.

I understand. I get it. And I know that coaching can help you; that I can help you.



Executive Coaching is for established ambitious and successful leaders and high potential talent. It’s for people who want to be more effective and impactful through tapping into their authentic leadership style, and learning to use soft skills to motivate, influence and assert themselves. It’s sponsored / paid for by the organisation, who may also feed into the goals and objectives.


Personal Coaching is for successful leaders in middle and upper management positions who want discreet support to improve their situation at work and/or home. Often the coaching is around overcoming self-doubt, getting unstuck, becoming more effective and having the time and space to focus on what success looks like; especially around a more balanced life.


Are you ready to apply strategic thinking to yourself, and how you live + work, in the pursuit of living a successful authentic and satisfying life?

Are you ready to banish self-doubt and believe in yourself confidently?

Are you happy to commit to being honest with yourself, and with me, during our time together and to work to embed the changes you want to make?


Once you’re ready to explore how coaching can help you, we’ll kick things off with a complimentary session – a 60-minute phone call.

This call will help you experience coaching first-hand and will explore what you want to get out of it, and what you want to be different in your work and / or life.

This is just a conversation, no obligation. There’s nothing you have to commit to beyond this call, and you only need to reflect and answer a simple list of questions and a 2-minute assessment/diagnostic tool.
Then, all you need is a phone, an hour and a willingness to be open and honest about your life right now.

During the session, you’ll feel comfortably uncomfortable and safe to explore.

You’ll leave this first session with new learnings, greater clarity and some ideas to overcome the challenge you’re facing.



“Anne is insightful and courageous as a coach – she is good at pinpointing questions that drive reflection and is prepared to take risks to challenge the person being coached to see new valuable, perspectives.”

Sean Westcott, Head, Nestlé Product Technology Centre

“Having worked with Anne over the years I can attest to the effectiveness and efficiency of her methods and approach. She ensures that both aspects of leading with your head and heart are fully explored.”

Washington Munetsi,
HR Director Operations Nestlé

“Anne provided me with incredible insight into myself, she is quick to identify the root cause of any issues and she has a great client-led approach towards developing a plan to tackle them. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help with their career – including my wife, who was coached by Anne after I suggested that they work together, and who was just as happy with the results as I was (if not more so)!”

Martin Pfutzner, Head of Strategy Analytics at Aspen Insurance Group (through London Business School)