I help smart, successful, driven and results-oriented professionals just like you to achieve greater + more satisfying success. Problems influencing or motivating others? Self-doubt? Lack of work-life balance? Directions Coaching can help.

Working together, we’ll identify and articulate what you want to achieve at work and/or your personal life. Then we’ll look at how you can overcome obstacles and barriers, question assumptions & beliefs + increase your confidence to achieve your goals.

You bring an open mind + a view to developing a more genuine connection with yourself and others so you can lead more authentically to achieve results.

I bring the coaching & corporate expertise, energy + proven experience to help you develop your natural style + awaken your full potential.



You, improved = a well-rounded, confident, impactful + effective leader with a high-results team.

You’d like to: be more strategic, recognise the differences in your people to get the best out of them + constructively challenge when necessary.
You’d like to address: the internal struggles of self-doubt, high standards, impatience and shaky confidence since being promoted.



You, confident + fulfilled = living a life of no regrets. Work + life balanced.

You’d like to: live a more balanced life, navigate your career path/ aspirations or better promote yourself. You’d like to address: the inner struggles of perfectionism, self-criticism,workaholism and wanting to live with more purpose.


soft skills HARD RESULTS

A Practical Guide to People Skills for Analytical, Task-Oriented Leaders.

People skills are consistently identified as the key to business success, yet so many managers and leaders aren’t natural ‘people people’.

This book shows that soft skills aren’t fluffy, and that the benefits of good people skills include improving employee engagement and retention, generating innovative ideas, fostering an open, collaborative environment and improving productivity and bottom-line results.

Soft Skills Hard Results is not just for senior leaders – it’s for anyone wanting a better life; whatever that means for you.

Practical advice and tools for soft skills behaviour change + better results at work and at home through Soft Skills Hard Results



Business is in my blood. I was raised by a businessman and attained a business degree in Canada. I then spent over 20 years working across many countries in highly complex and pressurised environments, in corporations such as P&G and Nestlé.

Then while I was living and working in Switzerland, the unexpected deaths of both of my parents 22 weeks apart prompted me to reassess my life. I took a sabbatical from work. I retrained as a coach. I then left my corporate job and founded Directions Coaching to help people navigate the path to greater happiness and self-defined success.

Coaching took me from there to where I am today – striving to live my full potential.

Do you have problems influencing others? Been feeling self-doubt? Concerned about a lack of work life balance?

I understand what you’re going through. I’ve been there.

Since 2008 I’ve been drawing on my corporate background and significant coach and leadership training + experience to coach + inspire my clients to be authentic leaders who use people skills with their results-orientation to smooth their path to leadership success.


“Anne was one of my first leaders in my career, and easily one of the most impactful.  She’s a strategic thinker and disciplined professional; a balanced and thoughtful leader.”


Michael Rossi,
President adidas

“I have worked with Anne on 3 different assignments for senior members of my team. I have always valued Anne’s professionalism, sensitivity to people and high ethical standards. In all cases, I have seen notable and lasting improvements.”


Christiane Kuehne, Former Senior Vice-President, Nestec Ltd (Nestlé)

“Anne Taylor is one of my “go to” coaches.

I have long marvelled at her results.”


Bill Fischer, Professor, Innovation Management, IMD, Lausanne Switzerland