Executive Coaching is a must have in 2018

The number of companies investing in executive and corporate coaching continues to rise in the UK, with many businesses seeing it as an essential part of their continued growth and strategy for 2018.

The confidence in the market and the proof in the results has meant that coaching is the learning development tool of choice for senior executives and CEOs. Reports have shown that almost 4 in every 5 businesses intend to carry out some form of leadership training in the next 12 months and many businesses also have plans in place to increase the development of high-potential individuals.

The same report shows that management teams also prefer to hire in the services of an external business coach who can give an impartial look at the business and provide a theory and practical based approach without knowing other things that occur within the business. Senior Management teams often believe this is the best way for them to get the training they require, rather than the training someone internally thinks they need.

What is entailed in being a coach has also expanded, with more businesses looking at softer skills such as self-awareness, interpersonal skills and even empathy, which are now key components of most training sessions. This is because, being good at your job is not enough in some market places, you must be a much more rounded individual to help you follow and develop the organizational needs of the business. This means you must be able to communicate and have emotional intelligence within a business as well as tick boxes. Those who do this well will always have an advantage over their peers and competitors.

When it comes to picking the right coaching for your business, it is important to understand the difference between personal/life coaching and executive coaching. On a company level, executive coaching is a great way to look at the areas where you can improve performance and progress people within their careers, and it is this area where businesses have been and will continue to invest in the future.

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