A pragmatic guide to people skills for analytic, task-focused, driven leaders

As you climb the career ladder, people skills become increasingly important.

You need to get the best out of other people, as well as performing yourself.

You need effective leadership skills and qualities.

However, it can be hard to improve your so-called “soft skills” if you don’t see, or aren’t aware of, other ways to behave + communicate.

 If you think business is about facts and figures (or want it to be) this can hamper your rise up the organisational ladder; especially if you don’t believe that you can ever be a great “people person”.

If you think your people skills need work, or you’ve been told that you’d benefit from coming across as warmer, more personable or more inspiring, my book will educate + motivate you to improve the way you interact with other people. You’ll find tools to help you understand yourself – as that’s the root of better leadership.

You’ll read about key soft skills, and how you use them to improve your leadership skill and leadership qualities.

You’ll benefit from logical, easy-to-read ideas, plus online support.

You’ll read about the tangible costs (and benefits) of soft skills, the human reasons soft skills are important, an explanation of connection between leadership and relationships and, lastly, how company (and life) results rely on soft skills.

This book is the culmination of my current learnings from decades of business experience, years of coaching hundreds, if not thousands, of clients; plus, what I’ve learned from working with London Business School + the International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

It’s written in my usual direct and professional style, combines my business acumen + passion for personal awareness and conscious choice + will have a significant impact on your effectiveness, influencing skills and bottom-line results.

If you’d like a sneak preview of how the process to effective leadership skills starts, please download the first chapter here – totally free of charge.

If you’re not sure whether soft skills are important this free chapter is for you!

(Spoiler alert: they are vital if you really want to get ahead)



Why did I write this book?

Many of my clients are analytical leaders, and that has worked for them up till they are told, or realise, that they need to work more on their soft skills to have a greater impact on their teams.

As the world and business are changing, at an accelerated rate, my clients are operating in an uncertain and complex world and most organizations include workers across 5 generations.  I wrote this book to help them, and people like them, to engage, motivate and inspire their teams, effectively and efficiently.

You can read more about it when you download the first chapter – free of charge.




“If you truly wish to make a lasting positive impact & change on People’s lives (and Your own) – this is a must-read book.”

Washington Munetsi, HR Director Operations Nestlé

“I really do like the simplicity of the concepts, and the challenges Anne offers which include great questions to ask yourself and those with whom you work. She has outlined 10 Practical Principles that the reader needs to actually try to bring the results to life.  Anne has split the book into 4 parts – inside (self), outside(others), between (our relationships) and beyond (the future) which creates real clarity of how leaders need to work on themselves first (inside) within the bigger picture of the legacy they want to create (the future).

Through sharing her personal experiences, Anne demonstrates the vulnerability that managers and leaders need and that makes the book really different.”

Hilary Oliver, Coach

Soft Skills Hard Results is an easy to understand and comprehensive book, loaded with practical tips and techniques that the reader can immediately apply and benefit from.  It saves leaders from reading 10+ different books.

I would definitely recommend reading this book to all leaders who want to be in a journey to a better self, whilst getting great business results!”

Nilgün Kuruöz, Coach + Consultant

“Anne has truly upped the game in the people development world.  If you want people in your world to feel deeply valued and supported…this is a must read!”

Rick Tamlyn, Author + Coach

“I wish this book had been available when I was leading operational CEO roles during my career, as I knew many logical and task-oriented individuals that would have greatly benefited from its wisdom.

Anne explains soft skills in simple terms with very practical advice and tools to change their behaviour and have better results. Full of tips, challenges, client stories and personal anecdotes, the book provides practical ideas to get better results through better engagement with others. 

The higher you go in an organization, the more important people skills become, and this book is a good primer for improving your proficiency and satisfaction around working with others. A great starter to help any manager understand their impact, intentionally create better relationships and be more effective in their job to deliver the results. I strongly recommend it.”

Nandu (Doreswamy) Nandkishore, Former Global CEO Nestlé Nutrition & EVP (CEO) of Asia/ Oceania/ Africa for Nestle S.A. Now a Keynote speaker/VC/consultant/ B-school Prof.

“The book integrates different approaches to analyzing leadership performance in a search for success and provides vivid illustrations of how these speak to the art of leadership in a variety of organizational settings. I recommend this book to anyone looking to become more effective in a leadership role no matter what the context.”

Bill Fischer, Professor of Innovation Management, IMD, Lausanne Switzerland

“Drawing on her years of experience as a coach, Anne lays out how with reflection and simple, practical exercises you can, as a leader, develop your natural style to connect and engage with your team.  Anne´s practical guide not only produces results but makes the experience of achieving your goals and objectives more rewarding than you could have ever expected.”

Sean Westcott, Head, Nestlé Product Technology Centre Food (Culinary) at Nestlé