EQ Leadership Formula Group Programme Case Study:

EQ Leadership Formula Group Programme Case Study:

Fast-Paced, High-Growth Technology Company, 9 Locations Across 5 Countries.


Hired by VP to work with her and her team of nine managers to bring humanity into their workplace – both internally, and to stand out and shine externally as experts in AI and EQ. Presenting problems – interactions that were too transactional especially with their clients, not willing to push back, say no or have difficult conversations, not being caring enough when dealing with clients, resentments from unresolved issues.

Specific Needs Included:

  • Have more empathy and compassion in their interactions
  • Confidently express needs and deal with difficult conversations
  • Be more self-aware, and maintain composure under stress to have a different response


Emotional Intelligence Leadership Formula Programme. Eight modules across the 4 quadrants of EQ, delivered virtually over 16 weeks. A blend of theory, experiential, reflection and pragmatism to address all 4 learning styles, and neuroscience to embed the learning. Worksheets, ‘practice’ challenges and accountability partners in between each module for immediate workplace application.


89% of participants felt the training was relevant to their needs. Sue and Anne were referred to VP in another affiliate location. Increases in post programme survey across key indicators*:

Feedback Included:

“Difficult conversations was my favorite [module], useful takeaways for structuring difficult conversations”
“Getting to know each other on the team on a deeper level”
“Interaction with colleagues in a set form where we were allowed to see each other in a new light”
“ Breakout sessions were intense in a good way”

*Indicators defined in conjunction with the organization, the rating was top 2 box extremely and highly effective