2023 in review

Your 2023 in Review

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already – the more experienced 😉 I get, the faster time flies!
This time of year signals something to me beyond just the holidays. I find it’s a time for reflection as well.

Every year I compose a Year in Review newsletter than goes to all my family and friends recapping the year in words and photos. It’s not one of those cringe ones (honestly). This affords me a great opportunity to revisit all the highs and lows for the year, a chance to relive the life I’m living. And let go of some of the “ouches” of the year.

When I worked at P&G and Nestlé I did annual Business Reviews for the brands I managed. This is the same sort of thing for my life! I believe that if you don’t reflect on where you’ve come from you’ll miss some of the joy, celebrations, and learnings.

Doing this reflecting on the year is what I call “completion.” It’s the step before “creation.”

Step #1 – COMPLETING 2023

Here are questions to help you review the year. Research studies show it’s best to actually write down your answers and not just ‘think’ about them to garner the most learning, enjoyment and release from the exercise.

1. What accomplishments are you most proud of from 2023?

2. What are your top joys, celebrations, highlights and milestones from the year?

3. What challenges or hurdles did you overcome in 2023?

4. What new connections did you create this year?

5. What difference did you make in 2023? In the world, the community, your family, for others.

6. What did you learn this year?

7. As a coach I have to ask, how have you grown in 2023?

Spend time over the next few weeks, dipping in and out of these questions, as different things will come to you over time. It’s also fun to ask others you’re gathered with this holiday for their reflections on the various questions for themselves.

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More Resources?

If you’d like more food for thought on this process you can check out previous blogs I’ve done over the years about completion:

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Stay tuned for Step #2 – Creating 2024 in next month’s blog.

I wish you and yours the best of this holiday season – whichever holiday you celebrate.  All the best for a prosperous, healthy, joyful, loving and fulfilling New Year.

Warm wishes until next year…