Self Reflection of 2022 to Capture Your Lessons Learned

A Time for Self Reflection

Hard to believe we are at the beginning of another year.

I find the more experienced 😉 I get, the faster time flies!

This time of year signals something to me beyond just the holidays. It’s the time for Completion and Creation. What is that you ask? Great question!

Every year around the holidays my friend/business partner sit together and spend a day reviewing the year just ended (completion) and settings goals and intentions for the coming year (creation). We’ve been doing it for years. Us working together was prompted out of one of these such sessions years ago.

I do this review for all aspects of my life – personal and professional. Just as many companies do an annual Business Review, you can do the same for your personal life. It’s super helpful for both!

Step #1 – COMPLETING 2022

Here are questions to help you review the year. Research studies show it’s best to actually write down your answers and not just ‘think’ about them to garner the most learning, enjoyment and release from the exercise.

1. What accomplishments are you most proud of from 2022?

2. What are your top joys, celebrations, highlights and milestones from the year?

3. What challenges or hurdles did you overcome in 2022?

4. What relationships did you develop (new or existing)?

5. What difference did you make in 2022? In the world, the community, for others.

6. What did you learn this year?

7. As a coach I have to ask, how have you grown in 2022?

8. If this year was a chapter in the book of your life, what was it called?

Spend time over the next few weeks, dipping in and out of these questions, as different things will come to you over time. It’s also fun to ask others you’re gathered with this holiday for their reflections on the various questions for themselves.

Book a call here to discuss what this review has highlighted for you or your organisation and how I might help.

More Resources?

If you’d like more food for thought on this process you can check out previous blogs I’ve done over the years about completion:

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Stay tuned for Step #2 – Creating 2023 in the next blog.