Part of My Completion of 2019 and Creation for 2020

One of my biggest accomplishments for 2019 and a thing I am so proud of is writing my book, Soft Skills Hard Results.  A year ago this month, I was finalizing a lacklustre first draft for submission to a development editor. I couldn’t visualize it being anything I was proud of at that time.  I was just relieved to have the end of writing it/something in sight.

Through 2019 I worked on it with help from 2 development editors, my publisher/book coach, my test readers, and a copy editor. I got it to the stage where I thought it was good, and my test readers echoed that sentiment, so I sent it to the publisher for the production phase. It has now been printed, is being sold into bookstores, is making its way to distribution centres in North American and the UK for it’s publishing date of 23rd January!

If you asked me a year ago if I’d have a beautiful printed book in my hand that I was proud of and that would be going on sale I wouldn’t have believed it!

I do believe it’s a very good book (with all humility) for the audience for whom I’ve written it – task-oriented, analytical, focused leaders (or people) that could benefit from learning more about how to be people-focussed in their interactions with others.

It’s filled with questions, case studies, personal stories, models, tools and ideas in hopes that one or two of them motivate the reader to try something different in their relationships to get the results they want.  Of note, I do talk about whether this could be construed as manipulation in the book.

I’m nervous about how it will be received, putting myself up for scrutiny, being considered an expert and it not reaching those who could benefit from it.

And that’s what I want to create in 2020 – getting my book into the hands of those who could most benefit from it.

If you’d like to help me please order the kindle version of my book, Soft Skills Hard Results, from Amazon for ONLY £/$0.99 on 23rd January between 10-11am your local time (from your local Amazon shop). Yes, it will be only 99p/99¢ so even if you don’t have kindle I’d appreciate your support anyway. If enough people do this the Amazon algorithms will suggest it to those people on Amazon who I don’t know that are searching for a leadership book for analytical leaders. Please send this request/discounted offer to people you feel would benefit from the book too.

What does your 2020 vision look like?