Times ticking – Book’mas is Coming!

Seven weeks until Christmas

Seven weeks until Pancha Ganapati (modern 5-day Hindu festival)

Seven weeks until the Winter Solstice

Seven weeks until Hanukkah

Seven weeks until Kwanza

Twelve weeks until my book Soft Skills Hard Results is published (assuming all keeps to plan). Blatant plug.

I thought writing the book was hard. Then I thought the production process was difficult. And now I’m thinking the marketing stage is hard (and I’m a marketer).

I am updating my website to include the book and revamp it overall as it’s outdated.

I will then need to execute a digital and ‘non-digital’ marketing strategy to raise awareness for the book.

In January and February, I will need to do some promotional events such as a book launch, radio appearances, a guest on pod casts and print media interviews. One suggestion for my book launch was to have a friend/colleague in each major city host me for a launch with that local person engaging my book target to attend the launch. I’m toying with the idea as I prefer meeting people in person, hence writing a book on soft skills. My target is successful, ambitious professionals, male and female, who lead teams of varying sizes and could benefit from motivating and inspiring people more.

Let me know if you’d like to host me in your city.

What do you want to have happen in the next 7 weeks? In the next 12 weeks?