Soft Skills Hard Results – an update

Soft Skills Hard Results is the title of my book. It’s for analytical leaders (but relevant for anyone who interacts with other human beings) who want to inspire and motivate their people more using people skills.

So far, it’s on track for a January 2020 publication date.

I thought writing the book was the hard part until I started on the production process. Maybe it’s because I was in control of the writing and knew what I wanted to say and how I was approaching it. For the production process I’m not in control and I’m relying on people for whom this is second nature.

The book front cover is final. The formatting of the actual pages (font, indents, spacing) is final. The illustrations and book back cover are almost final. I have seen the entire book laid out to check for errors and typos. Those will be corrected in the next two weeks and I will get the final book layout for confirmation that all the changes have been corrected.

Now I’m moving onto the marketing – which in hindsight is probably late. I have hired a website and digital marketing company to redo my website and create a more efficient and effective digital strategy and plan.  I am also reaching out to people to get endorsements and testimonials for the book to help with the marketing. I am approaching some of my test readers and also some more famous people to get endorsements – we will see how successful I am.

I feel excited and scared. Excited that it is really happening and because I think it’s a pretty good book for the right reader. I’m scared that there are typos or errors in it. I’m scared people will think it’s not very good.

What would you write about if you wrote a book?