Back to School

By now your Facebook feed has been inundated with back to school photos or maybe you’ve been spreading your own snaps of munchkins’ in new outfits and school bags.

Autumn can be a time of sadness as that time of year where the nights close in, the temperatures cool and the long summer nights become a distant memory. And it can be a time of excitement with the new beginnings that the school year signals and the last 4 months of the year!

Following the school theme, I instigated a bimonthly learning opportunity within my leadership tribe on 1st September.  Every two weeks we are practising a specific leadership concept from our programme.

The first concept to practice is about striving to be your best self. Pay attention to the moments and situations when your most connected to your authentic self and when you’re not.  Pay particular attention to:

  • Situations when you retreat, close down or shut your best self down.
  • How do you recover when you shut down? What allows you to open back up and reconnect to your best self?
  • What does it mean to recover to your authentic self?

Notice what you learn about yourself through this practice.  My tribe will be sharing this at the end of our two-week practice period. Feel free to share with me what you learn.

What new beginning do you want to embark on this ‘school year’?