Secret Admirer?

must admit I have a few secret admirers. People who watch me from the shadows rarely making their presence known. And I realise I secretly admire a few others too. 

It’s not as tantalising as you might think. I’m referring to readers of this newsletter who rarely reach out to me, rarely communicate with me, yet they are avid readers. I’ve heard from a few this month. They read, they learn, and some even apply some of the concepts I mention. They said they read the newsletter every month and their comments confirm that.  

I’m the same way. I read blogs, newsletters, listen to podcasts and rarely communicate back to the originator. I take the insights and ideas on board, and part of me feels it’s not necessary to say anything back. Now I realise it’s rewarding to hear people read and even more satisfying that they find the information useful.  

So, here’s a shout out to two I digest regularly because they deserve to know their words are ‘read’, their ideas digested and of value to me: 

1. Alison Jones – a voracious reader (she’s on a quest to read 100 books this year), insightful interviewer, helpful book coach, and publisher.

2. Roxanne Hobbs – a leader for inclusivity in so many facets: neurologically, gender, and ethnicity to name a few This month her newsletter was about politics and that a ‘systems’ perspective has her contemplating finding common ground rather than being entrenched in left or right parties. 


Who do you secretly admire? Please share.