Simple Feedback Model – For Positive and Constructive Feedback

There is a simple 4-step model that many people recommend, and I will follow suit. It’s called the C.O.I.N. model (unknown originator – please tell me if you know). It’s very straightforward so please keep it simple. Fewer words are more effective in this case. 

C  is for context or circumstances, the when and where of the situation.  

O  is for what was observed, the action or behaviour exhibited. 

I    is for the impact it had, on you, the team, another individual, or the business. 

N  is for next steps, what you expect or encourage the recipient to do next with the feedback. 

simple feedback model

What would it take for you to try this model at least once today? Maybe start with a low-risk situation such as positive feedback to a child or junior staff member?