Six Months Until 2020

Six Months Until 2020!! EEK 

We are halfway through the year. I’ve probably just triggered dread, anxiousness, and the thought “where is the time going?” in you. After a pause you might be thinking “I’m nowhere near done with many of my projects or objectives for the year.” 

I feel your pain. I looked at my 2019 vision board and have made some progress on things and totally stalled on others. I wrote a book and went wall climbing, but am yet to tape a podcast and join that book club or biking group.  When I look at the various categories I planned activities for, (Wellbeing, Fun, Connection, Work, Being) two of them are progressing reasonably well whilst the other two are lagging. Where are you smashing it? Where are you being smashed? 


What will the next 6 months be for you? 


Give yourself success. Project yourself into the future, to the end of 2019. See yourself looking back on an incredibly fulfilling and successful year. From that vantage point, feeling proud and deeply satisfied: 


What are the top 3 professional things you will have accomplished? 


What are the top 3 personal things you will have accomplished? 


What feels like your overall theme for the coming 6 months? 


What one personal quality do you most want to develop in the next 6 months? (For example: patience, boldness, courage, calmness, integrity, humour, etc.) 


I challenge you to think about it. The time is going to pass whether you intentionally plan for it or not. I’d rather you not regret the passing of another year without achieving what you want, or at least taking a stab at it. Email me if you want support to make the second half of the year as good as or better than the first half!