What’s the Best Newsletter Plan?

Would you help me please? 

Firstly, asking for help is something my clients struggle with at times. Some have a false belief that they need to do everything entirely on their own. Others have a drive for perfectionism that they tend not to ask for help because they worry the help won’t be to their standard. 

I often don’t ask for help because I don’t even think of it. I’m so used to doing things on my own that often the idea to ask never entered my consciousness. Ironically, I often help others a lot. New coaches often ask for help about their businesses, approaching organisations and marketing. I was at a networking evening this week and a fellow asked me if I’d talk to his wife who’s considering becoming a coach. I said, “of course.” 

When I help someone, I feel happy I could make their journey a bit easier, that I could reduce their learning curve or frustration and I feel I’ve done a service. I realise I’ve been denying others this same opportunity; asking for help makes others feel knowledgeable, of service and valued.  

This week I’ve been asking for help around website redesign and digital marketing as I revamp things before the launch of my book in the new year. I’ve had so much help from people – a business coach recommended two digital experts, a coaching friend recommended an impactful copywriter and a marketing director has recommended a small marketing firm that handles all that and more.  

As I revamp my digital marketing for the book launch, I’m evaluating my newsletter. Here’s where I need your help…. 

  • I’m thinking of doing a smaller weekly newsletter to have more frequency in people’s mailboxes and hence be more top of mind. What are your thoughts about that?  
  • What topics would you like me to cover? 
  • What issues are you facing in leadership and dealing with other people that you’d like featured? 

Please send me an email with your thoughts on the above questions. I’d really appreciate your input.  

Thank you