Called to What?

I visited Morocco this month which was a diverse experience – from busy, noisy Marrakech, to hot, windy and at one point, the wet Sahara desert to remote, lush Tabant. Most locals were, of course, celebrating Ramadan. Everywhere I visited was within earshot of a minaret (a spire on a mosque that often holds the loud speaker). During Ramadan, I heard the call to prayer (the adhan – the Arabic word to listen) frequently said ‘live’ over the loud speaker by the muezzin (a person in the mosque in a position of honour with a clear voice). I always thought it was the Imam who did the call. The adhan is meant to call followers to pray 5 specific times throughout the day. (Hope I got all that correct).

The day after returning from Morocco I headed to Edinburgh to take a 2-day training course on Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead material.

Of note, there was a 100C decrease in temperature between Marrakech and London and a further 100C temperature decrease between London and Edinburgh.

The basis for the entire Dare to Lead course was the Call to Courage – where do you want to be braver in your life. It could be a skill, it could be a situation, or it could be with an individual. For me, one of the areas where I want to be braver is with my book – with certain stories I’m sharing, with committing a date to my publisher and with launching the book into the world.

The repetition of this ‘Call To’ message prompts me to ask: What are you called to? Or more grammatically accurate, to what are you called? Just doesn’t flow the same.

What are you called to in your life, family, work, or within yourself?