Update Your Story 2.0

My new laptop was a nightmare – not responding, showing odd dots on the display, wouldn’t print, etc. Nothing worked to consistently correct the situation. At my wit’s end, I said to my IT guys to return it and get me another one. 

The IT guys did one last sweep and found an old version of a software that was running in the background. They updated that software to the most recent version and my laptop has worked flawlessly. 

The new version of the software has been more efficient and effective, it’s made my laptop run easier. Just like software updating the stories we tell ourselves would allow up to be more efficient and effective. What story are you running about yourself that needs to be updated? Loyal readers know that my allergy status changed earlier this year, so I’ve had to update that story to “I have no food allergies.” This means I no longer have a fear of cross-contamination at a restaurant. 

Complete the following statements covering as many aspects of your life: 

I believed…. 

I was…… 

I used to….. 

When you release those old thoughts and beliefs celebrate stepping into the current/new empowering perspectives by completing the following statements: 

I believe… 

I am… 

I will… 

A client has been working on this and I share the following example:

What’s the most insightful update that you’ve identified for yourself?