Non-Client Success Stories

I offer complimentary sample sessions to people interested in coaching. I’ve had 2 such sessions recently. Typically they are 45-60 minute phone calls and cover:

  • What is coaching and your experience previously of coaching;
  • What are your goals for the coaching, or what’s behind your interest in a sample session now;
  • Doing some actual coaching on some aspect of your goal;
  • What would it look like to work together, logistics, cost and what’s next.

The first potential client was in a relatively new job and feeling overwhelmed. During the sample session I coached her around times she felt in control and confident.  I challenged her to do some homework of further strengthening that feeling of confidence and evoking it in the next week when she needed more confidence to have a greater impact. Her accountability was to email me a week later with what she’d learn from the homework. She did, with lots of insights and feeling better. Fast-forward a month, we touched based as she hadn’t engaged me in coaching. She said she’d been feeling so much better these last few weeks, more comfortable in her skin and making a good impression. Her conclusion was that she didn’t need the coaching anymore. When I pointed out that our work together, her practicing afterwards and integrating her learnings probably contributed to her positive feelings now. Silence.  Boom. Mic drop.

A second potential client wanted to remain calm and thoughtful when confronted by board members. We talked about the situations, people and language that triggered her to freeze. Through the in-depth analysis of the various times it’s happened she learned things about what caused it that she hadn’t known before. This enlightened her to be aware next time. Her homework was to practice getting in the right frame of mind before the occasions and to practice some strategies to self- manage. She’d be able to do this next week and report back to me what she learned.  Having started the session saying she was interviewing a few coaches, she left the session saying that she’d advise me how HR would want to proceed. Boom.

What could you accomplish with just 45 minutes of guided reflection and learning? Call me to find out, free of charge!