Please help with part of the FEEDBACK section of my book!

I’m working on the revisions to my book. It is due to 5 beta readers later this month. I’m working on the feedback section now which covers both positive and negative (or constructive) feedback; yes feedback can be positive too! It itemizes the benefits of giving feedback, the aversions of why people don’t do it and illustrates a model of what to do and how to do it. It’s a true list of tips and tricks with plenty of examples to help readers formulate their own feedback.

Benefits of Giving Feedback

The benefits of giving feedback are almost too obvious to state – and they are the same whether the feedback is positive or negative/constructive.

  1. People feel valued because overall you give noticeably more positive feedback than negative/constructive (research says financially successful companies give positive feedback 4-5 times for every 1 piece of negative feedback given)
  2. People feel that you care about their performance and hence them because you are taking time to communicate specifics with them
  3. People learn what you expect and what success looks like – by you reinforcing it when you point out the positives and by you illustrating what’s better when you point out the improvement
  4. People are seen and heard as individuals
  5. Others see what good looks like and what’s expected when you give positive feedback to other people in public
  6. You create a feedback culture in the organization thereby having everyone contribute to good/better performance
  7. Peoples’ ineffective actions are improved or their positive behaviour continues (or even increases in frequency) thereby positively impacting the business
  8. Company performance improves
  9. You are perceived as observant, engaged and a people-person (by your team and potentially peers and superiors)

Would you please let me know any benefit I have forgotten? I’d like to have 10 in my list rather than 9 and have been racking my brain for that elusive last one!