Maybe I’ll try the Fish ‘n’ Chips?

Might not seem like an unusual statement for someone living in London, England. Fish ‘n Chips are one of the iconic foods for which the UK is famous, given it’s an island with a historical potato-loving country included.

It’s unusual for me to contemplate eating fish ‘n chips, actually eating fish of any kind. Up to a month ago I had a life-threatening allergy to fish and shellfish, an anaphylactic allergy meaning I could stop breathing if I ingested fish or shellfish. I was diagnosed as a kid and have avoided eating fish and shellfish all my life. I’m one of the few people who frequents an Italian restaurant when in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia as eating the local cuisine was so stressful due to potential cross contamination.

So what happened a month ago? Good question. I went to an allergist for a skin problem. He quickly said the skin problem was not caused by an allergy but he could help me with my fish and shellfish allergy. What? After I got over my disappointment about having waited 3 months to get help with the skin problem that’s dismissed in less than a minute, he elaborates on the allergy. He said the majority of adults diagnosed as anaphylactic as kids outgrow the allergy. So 3 tests later it’s confirmed the allergy is no longer life threatening. And after a final ingestion of 150g of cooked cod and waiting 5 hours under supervision it’s confirmed I no longer have any allergy and can introduce fish and shellfish into my diet if I choose. I’m not sure I will and it means travelling in Asia is much more appealing now as there’s little fear of dying from fish or shellfish contamination.

What’s the point of this story in a personal development newsletter you might be asking?

What beliefs do you hold about yourself, from long ago, that are no longer true?