Forget Resolutions!

Tons of research says 70-80% of all New Year’s resolutions fail. I say don’t bother setting any.

Instead follow this 4 step process for sustainable change in your life. Unless, of course, you are blissfully happy with every single aspect of your current life and want only that to continue!

Step 1 Answer the following questions:

  • What were your 10 biggest breakthroughs of 2018? Accomplishments, a-ha’s, joys, successes?
  • What were your 5 biggest breakdowns? Missed opportunities, failures, and disappointments? When you held yourself back?
  • What did you learn in 2018? About yourself? Your life? This journey in the world?
  • What quality or characteristic did you practice most in 2018?
  • Assuming this year was a chapter in the book of your life, what would the title of the chapter be?
  • If you could re-do 2018, what would you want or do differently? (hint, this helps for Step 2)
  • What do you want next year’s chapter to be titled in the book of your life?

Step 2 Identify the top 5 things you want for 2019 based on the above exercise.

Think about all aspects of your life: health/well-being, work, money, friends, self, community, relationships, physical environment and family.






Step 3 Write the 3 first actions (be specific) in your diary/calendar for each of the 5 things you identified in step 2. At least 1 action for each thing has to happen in the next few days!

E.g. Goal #1        

Action Point 1

Action Point 2

Action Point 3

Step 4 Celebrate when you do that 1st action. And celebrate each action you do. Repeat!

Yay!! You go!! Well done!!

What has this exercise brought to mind? Please share with me, I’d love to know.