I’m Writing My First Book

It’s been an idea for a while. The leadership program I took part in over the last year kicked me into action. I talked to a few book coaches. I met with one to do a strategy session on my business, my potential books (yes, multiple books) and what next.

From doing that session I then participated in her 10-day book proposal challenge which was instrumental in clarifying my thinking about my book. I highly recommend it: https://alisonjones.leadpages.co/proposal-challenge/

It’s a book about leadership arising from my coaching work over the last 10 years and my own journey. The topic is around soft skills for successful, analytical leaders which deliver real results. It will be a no-nonsense, practical guide. Some people suggested it be something like Emotional Intelligence for Logical Leaders – I think that sounds lofty for what this target wants. They might be intimidated by EI references.  What do you think?

I’m looking for support with this project please. Specifically,

  1. Are you a member of this target that is willing to talk to me?
  2. Are you willing to be part of a ‘street team’ to test my material prior to publication?
  3. Do you know someone in this target you’re willing to introduce me to?
  4. What do you hope the book would contain?
  5. Are you interested in pre-registering to buy a book when it’s available in 2019?

Please let me know whatever support you can provide.

What book would you like to write? What book would you like to read?