Sadness and Celebration of Aretha Franklin’s Death

Last month the world lost an icon – a civil rights activist, a mother, a sister, a friend and of course, a music legend. Her passing teaches us so much about how to live life.

Surround yourself – she surrounded herself with honest and supportive people starting with her Father who supported, nurtured and encouraged her from a young age to achieve her dreams.

Respect – it’s what we all want as she said and she demanded it from others and felt it for herself with humility.

Adaptable – she adapted across generations and music genres as evidenced in the 80’s by doing a duet with George Michael to reach a new audience.

Passion and Service – she had this in spades for her music and fans.

Trailblazer – she was the first woman inducted into the hall of fame, a trailblazer and pioneer.

Know yourself – she was grounded in what was important to her such as God, her family and her gift.

What’s your legacy? What do you want people to say at your passing?