Do Personal Issues Affect Your Work Performance?

Performance at work can be affected by several factors. These could have occurred outside of work, within work, and may or may not be work related.

Whilst not overworking is one important side of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, likewise, managing the personal side is just as important in not allowing that to affect your performance, or your happiness outside of work. Here, Directions Coaching are going to list issues that could affect you at work, and how personal coaching could help you deal with the issues.

1. Anger Management:

Whilst it is important to be able to stand up for oneself, there is a time and a place for this, and a way it should be done. Unfortunately, tempers are a flaw of human nature, and being able to manage this professionally is a skill that those within a workplace setting need to manage accordingly. Sometimes, an employee may react to something passive-aggressively, by putting less effort into that aspect of their work. If you are likely to react to incidents with a poor temperament regularly, this can have an adverse effect on your performance and on your rapport with colleagues, clients and customers.

2. Over and Under Sharing:

Both can have detrimental effects on how you are treated at work, which in turn can affect performance. Whilst every member of staff should be treated fairly, oversharing with colleagues can lead to being treated differently or hindering the opportunity for progression. Perhaps less so, but not communicating grievances that are bothering you to the relevant person could result in a build up of emotion. Judge this based on the character you are and how you deal with issues but consider the effects of what you share and choose not to share, and with whom.

3. Low energy levels:

Being tired is likely to have a detrimental effect on workplace performance in any career. There may be underlying issues contributing to this, such as poor routine, commuting time, and lack of/too much exercise. These are likely to lead to burn out which could be the root of a depreciating performance over time.

Ultimately, there are many more personal issues that can affect your performance at work. As a dedicated coach providing personal coaching in London, Anne Taylor specialises in workplace personal coaching, for individuals and for corporations. To find out more about Anne’s services, see the contact details below:

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