How Group Coaching Can Benefit You

Discovering your abilities and how you can apply them to your personal life can be tricky. Self-assessment is a lot harder than assessing others, which is why an external opinion is always appreciated, as it can help a person understand the things they are not seeing.

What makes group coaching a great way of finding a sense of self, is the opportunities it brings within a social environment. One to one coaching can seem intimidating – many people are uncomfortable with the idea of opening up about the things restricting them. However, social environments like group coaching offer a relaxed atmosphere – not all eyes are on you and you’re able to hear other people’s opinions and stories, which will boost your confidence and take away the pressure.

Group coaching can massively benefit introverted people. Finding a focus for the group allows each individual to feel as if there is no need to reserve themselves, as everyone will be on the same page. This is a fantastic way to discover new things about yourself that you may not have even known were there, just from the energy bouncing around the room from each group member.

Not only is there a comfort element within a group, but sometimes more room for opportunity too. Within a group, ideas can be stimulated from one another. For example, if one person opens up, this can spark ideas from others and give them the courage to speak out themselves.

More and more people are implementing coaching into one area of their life as it can have a huge impact on progression and reaching goals, whatever these are. Anne Taylor works with groups and individuals throughout London and the UK to develop strategies and work towards these goals. For more information, feel free to call 02031 516 830.