3 Ways to Increase Motivation

Motivation and excitement can often fluctuate, having days where we feel extremely focussed and other days where we feel tired and unmotivated, not wanting to leave our bed.

This unmotivated attitude can take its toll on us eventually, which is why we’ve put together three simple ways you can start your day with a spring in your step:

  1. Respect your inertia – it’s very easy to jump to the conclusion that you should feel motivated and energetic when you aren’t – leading to self-disappointment and negative energy. It’s important not to be hard on yourself. Ask yourself why you don’t feel motivated. Are you tired? Hungry? Upset? Take a look at the reasons and feelings as to why you don’t want to perform, and work on fixing them.
  2. Awaken your desire – Motivation appears when your desire is stronger than any barrier or obstacle it’s going to have to face. To awaken desire, you need to focus on what you stand to gain from moving forward. Concentrate on taking little steps for now – your end goal, though important, needs little of your attention. You’ll become more determined as you achieve each individual step – by focusing solely on the end goal, you may struggle with impatience and lose your motivation.
  3. Just do it – a cliché term, however, extremely powerful. Motivation is a state of action – it’s our choice and only we can truly motivate ourselves. Even if it’s taking the smallest of steps, it’s worthwhile. Getting started, no matter how small the step, will help create more positive feelings and motivate us further.

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