How might a life coach help me?

Life coaching can help individuals with different aspects of their personal or work life, or a combination of the two. Here are three types of life coaching topics: confidence coaching, change coaching and balance coaching. Confidence coaching sessions can help people to have more self-belief and raise self-esteem, giving individuals the confidence to pursue life or work goals, dreams they’ve always had and hesitated to pursue or simply to enjoy themselves more fully in what they’re doing. Change coaching can help clients to either create change or help deal with life in a changing environment. Balance coaching can give individuals the chance to reflect on different parts of their life and where they would like the balance to occur. For example, some people seek to attain more of a professional-personal balance, whilst others would like to achieve more balance between the work/parenting/exercise areas of their lives.

Anne Taylor offers life coaching across all three of these different areas. If you are considering going to see a life coach, ways clients have benefitted from sessions in the past include: gaining greater focus and sense of direction due to taking the time needed to think and talk through what is important to them in their lives. Coaching has also allowed individuals to consider the wider picture and identify long term as well as short time goals in their lives. People attending sessions have said they feel more motivated at work and have improved their performance because of personal coaching too.

Anne Taylor provides life coaching in London to both individuals and to employees of large companies. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Anne helps clients to reach their objectives and increase their confidence. If you are looking for a life coach in London and would like to know more about how it could help you, please contact Directions Coaching today on 02031 516 830.