Client Completion

This week I completed coaching programmes with 2 Executive clients I’ve been working with separately.  Both completion sessions were done with the coachee, their manger and me.

The completion sessions cover the coaching journey from all 3 angles:

  1. The manager gives feedback of what they’ve seen in terms of changes, any feedback from the organization and how the business has benefitted.
  2. The coachee tells of their experience in terms of what they’ve learned, the impact they think they’ve had and some of the highs and challenges.
  3. I give feedback in terms of acknowledging how the client has participated in the coaching (I never talk about the content of the coaching as that’s confidential) and often how the manager has shown up in this meeting (always emphasizing the positive qualities of people as much as possible).

Then we review the original objectives with an agreement amongst the two of them to the final rating out of 10 (I have them rate themselves on each objective at the beginning, middle and end of the coaching in terms of degree of success).

One of my clients this week was rated 10/10 on the first goal of “increasing confidence leading to increased engagement in the leadership team,” 9/10 on the 2nd of “being sought out and inputting more into the functional team’” and 7.5/10 on “accepting that 75% is sometimes good enough” which was a new objective introduced at the mid-point to address perfectionist tendencies.

Amazing progress and amazing recognition from the organisation!!

Lastly, we talk about where they want to continue to develop – what’s the continuation of the development journey for them. Including celebrating their strengths!

Positively both clients and their organisations have asked to continue the coaching on a maintenance level so I get to continue the journey with them. Grateful.

What rating would you give yourself if you were ‘checking in’ on your development?