4 Hidden Stress Factors You May Experience

Carrying on the theme of stress, it is a difficult state of being to classify. The consequences of increased stress can lead to worse states such as anxiety, depression and other mental health illnesses. Attempting to source the root of what is causing stress is equally as difficult. We all react to happenings in our lives differently. However, Anne Taylor’s experience as a qualified life and executive coach has lead to the listing of these stresses that could go unnoticed in your life:

Social Media:

It is undeniable to deny that social media has become heavily integrated into our lives, inside and outside of work. In moderation and with the right mindset, it has its advantages. However, due to the all-encompassing nature of social media, the prospect of it being part of everything we do can add stress to our lives in just as many ways that we can integrate it into a productive tool. Toxic images that suggest unhealthy ways of living and thinking when it comes to masculinity, femininity, materialism and many other factors can alter the way we think about ourselves. The open forum nature of social media means that there is very little restricting what can be said, and users can often be made the victim of or become involved in a heated discussion that affects the way we think.

Lack of Preparation:

Although our lives and routines are jam packed with different tasks and commitments, the ease at which you complete these can be increased through planning. Setting aside time before important meetings to prepare, and time afterwards to reflect could help compartmentalise workloads and strategise the next move.

Saying No:

The feeling of disappointing someone can sometimes overpower us and cause us to be upset. However, always putting someone else’s needs before your own can lead to having unhealthy relationships and unhealthy expectations of yourself. If workload stress is affecting you, consider how you can reduce biting off more than you can chew.


This is a trait that within some careers or aspects of life can be beneficial. Many of us have such an attention to detail that we continue to pick apart components of our work or projects to the point where they take longer to complete than necessary. Often, this is done out of fear rather than aiming for progression.

As previously mentioned, Anne Taylor is a leading life coach who operates with and for businesses, as well as individual clients. If you believe you may be suffering from stress and are unsure of how to trace or reduce it, Anne may be able to help. For more information regarding her services, you can get in touch on 02031 516 830. Alternatively, you can email us at info@directions-coaching.com.