Spring has Sprung?!?!

Typically with the arrival of May Day (May 1st) we welcome spring – this is somewhat true this year although not quite as solidly into spring as we’d like (bring on more sun and warmth in both the UK and Canada).

Spring is a chance for new beginnings. It’s the season of growth, renewal and blooming. It’s longer days, more light, plants and landscapes blossoming. We come out of hibernation.

It’s a great time to re-assess where you are in the year. A 2nd chance if you like to re-visit those aspirations you made in January (New Year Resolutions for some of you). It’s a chance to rejuvenate your goals and hopes for the year. Use the light and warmth to energize your motivation.

What do you want to create for the year?

Think about:

  • Your fitness and health – without this you really have nothing!
  • Your relationships, personally and professionally – these fulfil your most important need, that of love/connection/acceptance ©
  • Your wellbeing – intellectual and emotional – how are you nurturing yourself?
  • Your work – how are you living your purpose? What’s your contribution?
  • Your fun and leisure – what makes you smile? Brings you joy?
  • Your financial situation – what are your goals for the year? Make more money through business development? Cut expenses? Short term vs long term decisions?
  • Your physical environment – how does your space reflect or support you?
  • Your personal or spiritual growth – what is your full potential as a human being?

You still have 8 months to create the life you aspire to – or at least make tangible steps towards it.

As shared by a very wise mentor “it’s easy to drift into managing our life circumstances rather than have respond-ability to lead and create our lives.” It’s easier to react than create; it’s easier to manage than lead. This resonates for me as I drift into managing admin, to-do’s, my schedule and want to remember to lead my life with no regrets!

What do you want to create in your life now? What support do you need to do that?