Only Do What You Can Do – Wise words from a client

A former client re-engaged with me recently after 5 years. Great to be working with him again on the next stage of his leadership journey.

During our first session while we were discussing his goals we talked about his USP (unique selling proposition) in his role. After a bunch of discussions around his role, his priorities, his impact, we took the following question away: What can he do uniquely to create value for the organization within his scope?

He came back after some good reflection and defined a framework for himself in an attempt to create the most value possible to the organisation:

Only do what he can do – this means he needs to focus on the things that no one else in his group is able to do, the things that only he has the knowledge or expertise to do. For senior people this usually means strategic thinking/activities and associated projects, people development and long term planning.

Elevate the people around him to do the important things he can’t do – by elevate he means train, coach and empower those within his team and others within his influence. And it’s about prioritizing the important things and ensuring people are aligned to the vision so there’s agreement about what is important.

This concept nicely compliments my belief in awareness and choice – be aware of your skills, know what’s important and choose what you focus on to have the impact you want to have.

What are the things that only you can do? This can apply to you within your organization and family.