Play Your Bigger Game

The premise of this book by Rick Tamlyn is that life is one big game and it’s all made up!! If that’s true, which I think it is, then you might as well ‘play it’ for your own fulfilment and to your full potential.

This is not a book for those that like the status quo or prefer an organic or reactive life. It’s not just about pursuing goals to win: it’s about living your purpose, being fulfilled by a meaningful life and enjoying the game.

Reading the book and talking to Rick have helped me recognize where I am in different areas of my life. That’s helped me understand some things and it’s motivated me to pursue more of the life I want, be my better self and have fun!

The genius and simplicity of the concept is that if life is a game then play it starting with Rick’s game board:

  1. Step on the game board wherever you want
  2. You can either step on a square and ask where in your life is that square relevant or think of an area of your life and step on the square that reflects it
  3. Works for any aspect of your life – work, relationships, money, health…
  4. Different aspects of your life will/can be in different squares
  5. Like tic-tac-toe there’s no defined order to play, and a strategy will emerge
  • What are you hungry for?
  • Where are you in your comfort zone – to your detriment or to your replenishment?
  • Who are your allies in various areas of your life?

If you’re interested in the learning more about Playing Your Bigger Game, let me know (read the book obviously). I’m looking to create the opportunity in the UK for Rick Tamlyn to bring his workshop here to play the game LIVE!