What Is Personal Coaching?

There are various types of coaching conversations. One might be used to address a small, specific matter. Other types include ongoing sessions that guide and support long-lasting change for clients. Although traditionally carried out one-on-one, coaching can also take place in groups. This includes one coach and multiple clients or where peer members of the group coach each other with their own personal experiences and knowledge.

Some coaches view the coach as an expert that helps the client, by conveying expert knowledge, whilst other coaches assert that the coach does not need any expertise about the client’s goal. Many coaches believe that the coach leads the coaching experience, while others strongly suggest that coaching is an equal relationship in which the direction of the coaching is completely determined by the needs of the client.

The differences between views can depend on the coach’s personal values, the models of coaching from which they work and the particular focus, for example, performance coaching, personal or business coaching. We define personal and professional coaching as working in partnership between coach and clients to provide structure, guidance and support to:

• Take a complete look at their current state, including their assumptions and perceptions about their work, themselves and others.
• Set relevant and realistic goals for themselves, based on their own nature and needs.
• Take relevant and realistic actions toward reaching their goals.
• Learn by reflecting on their actions and sharing feedback with others along the way.

Coaching can benefit almost anyone in any situation. The benefits that clients achieve from their coaching experiences heavily depend on what they choose to work on in their coaching. However, there are some core benefits that clients can achieve no matter what goals they work towards, such as:

• Learn more effectively by helping them to take action on current goals and sharing feedback with others along the way.
• Solve complex problems by helping clients to continually reinterpret their problems and to continue to take actions toward resolving their problems.
• Find more meaning by helping them to participate realistically in the present – helping them to live more authentic lives.

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