18 for 2018

For long term readers this might sound familiar. Three years ago I did 49-4-49 which was 49 fun things for me between my 49th and 50th birthday followed up by 50-5-50 which was 50 acts of kindness for others. As an aside, two people have informed me they are doing 40-4-40 and 49-4-49 to mark their birthdays based on my inspiration. Go ladies Go!!

This year it’s 18 for 2018 which is a mixture of fun activities for me, out-of-the-ordinary work opportunities, and more-than-the-usual kindness to others.

The intention behind this is two-fold:

  1. Create conscious connections with people close to me, those more distant and with strangers (I like to consider them friends I don’t know yet 😉 )
  2. Challenge myself outside my usual comfort zones (into my stretch zone) – whether that’s people I see, activities I do or places I go.

Ideas so far include:

  • SUP (stand up paddling boarding for those not current with the lingo)
  • Tree top climbing – probably going to do this in 2 different countries, if not 3!
  • Public storytelling event
  • Britney Spears Dance class
  • Helping to start a ‘singing on the tube’ flash mob (now you’re committed Sarah!)
  • Visiting Dubai (Lou – get ready!)
  • Seeing a variety of theatre performances (Beginning, Hamilton, Chess, Ferryman)
  • Networking at The Ned, The Vault, Chiltern Firehouse, Kettners
  • Back to regular blood donations
  • Volunteering with a charity

A few are already done, about 4 or 5 are booked and for many the planning has started. It’s much easier to do 18 in 52 weeks than either 49 or 50. That said, I might end up doing 18 activities and 18 connections – we’ll see how it goes.

Who wants to join me in stepping outside their comfort zones?