Now that Christmas is over, what actually is Holly?

The word holly does not come from holy as you might think because of its association with Christmas. It actually is from the ancient root Proto-Indo-European language (who knew this existed?) for prickly or to prick. Why do I care you might ask? Because I am part of the Holly Tribe Leadership programme (see last month’s newsletters for details).

It is technically a bush and has properties of a tree. Some species of it are poisonous (scary) or toxic causing vomiting and diarrhea (charming) to humans. Some made into stimulating tea infusions for the morning like coffee or a stronger detox version to cleanse the body and mind.

It is closely associated with Christianity. This seems to be why it’s so strongly associated with Christmas. It is considered a gift from the Great Spirit among Native Americans. A more modern association is that is it the wood in Harry Potter’s wand!!

According to my CTI Leadership Programme Holly:

will stimulate an opening of the heart so that true love can be experienced. It awakens compassion, and it assists us in understanding “misunderstood” emotions. It reminds us of the importance of proper emotional expression in our life – especially with those we love. It has the archetypal energies of love, with its ability to overcome anger and hate. This is a tree whose energies can help the individual to awaken the Christ energies within, and can open one to angelic contact with time and effort.

Often considered a masculine tree, it holds the energy of the spiritual warrior, an energy that can be drawn upon in times of fighting and disruption. It activates the masculine energy of the individual in a creative manner. It is important for those who align with its energies not to scatter their own energies. Any lack of direction may create problems. And this is always part of its message when we encounter it in Nature.

This is a plant whose energies need to be honed and watched in order for the highest expression of it to manifest. Once done, it can stimulate a dynamic healing capability. The message of the holly centres around issues of protection and asserting energies necessary for protection. Be clear about our endeavours and pursue them.

What could the holly help you express, protect or pursue?