Welcoming 2018!!

If you’re like me the holidays came fast and furious and now as fast as they came, they are gone. But first let’s spend some time saying goodbye to 2017 before welcoming 2018.

Every year my coaching friend, Sue, and I meet on Boxing Day usually to reflect on the year and plan the next one! The picture is from our ‘End of Year Exercise’ last week.

Think back on 2017 (hey, it wasn’t that long ago) – not the world events like Trump’s inauguration, a snap UK election or #metoo sexual scandal – rather your year. Reflect on what 2017 was for you and answer the following few questions:

1. What were your top joys, milestones, achievements? (try for 7-10 of them. Or more!)

2. What were 3-5 challenges you overcame in 2017?

3. What were your biggest disappointments or frustrations or regrets or missed opportunities?

4. What did you create or bring into the world? Maybe think of it as what difference did you have in the world?  Could be anything, think relationships/friendships as well.

5. What were your learnings from 2017?

6. If your life was a book, what would this year’s chapter be called? Or if you’re on twitter, what would your tweet  for the year be?

Now having done the above reflection about 2017, let’s turn our attention to 2018. Before we know it 2018 will be a memory so spend a few minutes now thinking or pondering on what you want to create for the year. How you live your year is very much under your control, and even if some things are out of your control (looks like Brexit will still happen), you can control your attitude and mindset at a minimum.

1. What would you like your top 10 joys, achievements, milestones to be in 2018? Think of the key areas of your life – health, self-development, finances, work, relationships, spirituality, family, environment….

2. What mindsets, intentions or attitudes would help you in overcoming the potential roadblocks or frustrations or obstacles that might arise through the year?

3. How do you want to deepen your relationships? Think family, friends, work, and community.

4. What do you want more of in your life? How do you want to have more of it in your year? For example, if you want more fun in your life, what brings you fun and how do you include more of those things/way of being in your day/week/month?

5. What would you like to (have) stop, start, and continue for your life in 2018?  Those things you can control or influence.

6. If your life was a book, what would this year’s chapter be called? Or if you were to write a newspaper headline that summarized 2018 what would it say?

I’d love to hear some of what you’ve thought about from the above, please share with me!