Tips to help you think more positively

January is often a time when people make New Year’s resolutions and try to implement changes into one or more aspects of their lives. One type of change that can be made by everyone is to think more positively. In the busy world that we live in it can sometimes be difficult to avoid negative thoughts or talk inside our heads. However, there are steps that can be taken to turn a negative mindset into a positive one:

1. Become aware of the mindset you have

The first thing to do is to identify the kinds of negative thoughts you are having and when and where they are occurring. Is there a particular phrase you use or situation when negativity arises? Being able to pinpoint this will help you deal with it.

2. React to negative thoughts

Being aware of the phrases or words you use will allow you to check yourself when you are thinking or saying negative things. Addressing and reacting to negative thoughts is key. By looking at situations, which would usually trigger negative thoughts, in a different way could help you move towards having a more positive mindset.

3. Challenge the thoughts you are having

Try hard to challenge the thoughts you are having. If you are someone who tells themselves they can’t do something, ask yourself if this is really the case or whether you just need help or more time to complete the task at hand. If you tell yourself you are always getting things wrong, stop and think about whether this is really true, or if just one or two incidents are overshadowing all the positive things you have done recently.

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