Why should you invest in team coaching?

Whilst one-to-one coaching can help staff to develop as individuals, it can also be beneficial to provide team coaching to groups of employees to allow them to operate more effectively at this level. This type of coaching is particularly useful when teams are not functioning as successfully as they could be within a company, a new team has been created and needs to deliver results fast, or an older team within an organisation needs to be revitalised.

Coaching can help to instil new visions, thinking and behavioural patterns which will enhance overall output. The recognised benefits of team coaching include:

Aligned priorities

Team coaching gives teams the time and space needed to identify priorities and ways that these goals will be achieved. It provides the opportunity to determine individual as well as group objectives and to decide where focus should lie with regards to meeting these.

Better understanding of each other

Another benefit of team coaching is that it allows members to have a better understanding of each other in terms of contributions people make to the company as well as their strengths and weaknesses. A greater awareness of these and the different responsibilities of each person can help teamwork going forward.

Increased trust within the team

Team coaching also provides a safe environment where individuals can speak out and raise concerns as well as identify ways to address this. Increased levels of trust help make communication easier in the long run too, with members more likely to feel comfortable to speak up and discuss issues with their colleagues.

Anne Taylor is an experienced coach specialising in executive, personal and team coaching. She helps clients achieve greater focus, clarity and direction in their work as well as works with them to increase confidence and self-belief. To find out more about Anne’s work or to book an appointment please get in touch on 02031516830.