Senseless Tragedies and the Resulting Struggles

Should I even write a thought on this? Does it give oxygen to the terrorists, giving them the attention they want?

I’ve even struggled with how to title this thought – from Lessons from the London Terrorist Attacks to Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I write this mere days after the terrorist attack at London Bridge and Borough Market, the third such tragedy in England in 3 months. And I’m struggling for a variety of reasons….

1. England has not been the only target in these 3 months. At essentially the same time as the latest London attacks there were 2 more deadly bombings , one in Kabul and the other in Kolofata (Cameroon). And sadly those attacks have gotten very little coverage – in either traditional media or social media. There have been outpourings of support and acknowledgement by various countries and cities for London and none for the other two cities.

2. In London there is a lot of messaging about carrying on with our usual day-to-day activities, and I am. And for some people their lives have been extinguished and the lives of those close to them will never be the same. How to honour the lives lost and irreversibly changed while continuing as usual?

3. Why? I’ve travelled to many countries, met many people and pretty much everyone I meet wants the same thing in life – to be happy, have a good life and hope the best for their children, What can we (society and as individuals) do to identify and solve the root cause of these tragedies globally?

I can only do what I can do which is to live each day as if it’s my last, to love or at a minimum respect those I meet in my daily life and promote tolerance for everyone as we’re all different than each other.