Change Coaching: What is it?

Change coaching, also known as life coaching, can be used to support individuals through change in their lives, whether this is a change they choose or not. Situations such as changes in relationships, career changes, money coaching or wanting support in achieving a goal may lead an individual to seek out a coach.

With its tailored approach, change coaching can therefore benefit individuals in different ways and help them move closer towards achieving a desired goal. Here’s how:


Change coaching provides a structured process from Pre- coaching all the way to Post- coaching, starting with assessing how the coach and client can work together. The coach and client will then evaluate the situation before agreeing on coaching goals. Having a structure like this with actions will allow focus and progress throughout the process.


One aim of a life or change coach is to encourage an individual to find their own answers and one way this is achieved is by asking questions, which at times may feel challenging. By asking questions, this may lead a client to view a situation in a different way and open up to new ways of thinking. Questions could also help provide clarity. This is particularly important for moving forward and determining what a client really wants, as well as realise their potential.


Sometimes dealing with change or wanting to change something in life can be difficult. Working with a life coach can help an individual to feel more motivated through encouraging and creating action plans which could make the process feel more achievable. The process will not only help an individual to learn more about themselves, it will also provide an individual with skills which they can carry with them for future opportunities or situations.
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