How to get the most from a Coaching Session

Coaching sessions are a great way to improve your skills, find direction and make positive changes in your work and personal life. In order to benefit from a coaching session as much as possible, here are three things you can do:

1. Switch off from the office

Although this may be difficult, use your coaching session as a time to disconnect from the pressures of work life and take the opportunity to focus on you. This means keeping your laptop closed and not answering your phone or emails during the session. Having a focused mind will allow you to be more focused on yourself, have more presence in the discussion and concentrate on the issues at hand rather than being distracted by those elsewhere.

2. Arrive with ideas

Coaching sessions can help you to reach your goals and potential. Before the session it’s a good idea to think about what exactly your goals are – whether this be in the work environment, at home, or both. Being able to articulate what you would like to achieve will help the coach understand your circumstances as well as suitably tailor the session to best meet your specific needs. And if you’re struggling to define those goals a coach can help with that too.

3. Be open to suggestions

Part of the coaching session will include generating ideas and hearing what others might have done for steps to take to reach the goals you have set. These may be different to previous approaches you have taken or seem daunting if they are new methods. Being receptive to the ideas will help you to look at a situation differently and move towards change.

Anne Taylor is an experienced coach who specialises in the areas of Executive, Leadership, and Life Coaching. To find out more about the coaching services offered and how they could help you, please get in touch on 0203 1516830.