Firefly Partnering

Firefly is an Edinburgh-based organization with a global impact in organizational and leadership growth.  I’m an associate coach with them and privileged to work with the founder and fellow coaches.

This isn’t a leadership training company nor a coaching company. It’s a partnership organization that leads by example. Firefly partners with its clients to develop programmes that move the organization forward on its strategic imperatives by helping its leaders grow and develop as leaders and as humans.

We know ourselves and our strengths. We use that knowledge with clients to help them know and use their strengths in service of a common stake or goal. This is done in a very strategic and holistic manner. Nothing is designed until we are very clear on a client’s goal (and they are clear on it too). From there Firefly uses training, facilitating and coaching with individuals and groups in  order to have the biggest impact within the organization.

My involvement is as an Executive Coach working with individuals to help them serve their company’s objective in the best way for them, helping them develop how to do that authentically.

What organizations do you know that could benefit from leadership growth? Let me know and Firefly would be happy to discuss the opportunities.