Client Feedback

It’s always nice to hear from a client, whether verbally or written. Last week I received this from a client I worked with over the course of last year:

2016 has been a truly eye opening experience for me in the leadership programme, and you had a lot to do it with it. Thank you for your openness, honesty and making me see things about myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I read this type of feedback and many things go through my head:

  1. I’m grateful to have shared this development journey with my client, that I get to witness them and assist them
  2. I do get a twinge of fear or doubt especially around “making me see thing about myself” – I think was I too direct? And then I remind myself that I often have them see their amazing qualities, rather than their ‘weaknesses’
  3. I get this type of feedback (not in a boastful way), that I get acknowledged regularly by clients, that rarely happened in corporate life, in such a personal way
  4. That I get to help people grow and develop themselves as leaders, parents, friends, people

If you know anyone personally or professionally that would like assistance in being more of their best self, in understanding themselves better and in “having a truly eye opening year”, please let me know.