17 for 2017

For long term readers this might have echoes to years past. A couple of years ago when I did my 49-4-49 project (49 fun adventures between my 49th and 50th birthdays) I am doing a similar thing this calendar year. I’m thinking the focus will be doing fun things that make me feel outside my comfort zone (in a good way) and if I can be in loving connection with others while doing them all the better.

I don’t really have many ideas at the moment but I didn’t for my 49-4-49 project either, at least not initially. The only thing on my list is paragliding in Switzerland with Laura – it was on my 49-4-49 list and we’ve tried for the last couple of years but it’s been cancelled due to poor weather. I guess I should email her and let her know we’re going to book it again!

Often in leadership development program(mes) we encourage participants to go outside their comfort zone periodically, into what we call their stretch zone, to increase their comfort zone so they can step into new challenges. A manager is not ready for the CEO position on the day they are hired, they learn and grow – intellectually, emotionally, strategically, physically and in ways they often don’t anticipate. It’s this same spirit that I want to take into 2017 – grow myself, in connection with others in the joyful pursuit of adventures and fun.

Please send through any ideas you have for me – either something you want to do with me or something you think might be appropriate for my project.

What’s your 17 for 2017?