What are the Benefits of Group Coaching?

Coaching in a group environment can have many benefits, for the organisation, the individuals, and the coach themselves. Consequently, many leading organisations are looking at ways to include group coaching within their enrichment training plans.

Below, I look at some of the key reasons group coaching is beneficial, and how you can get more from your sessions.

Examples of Group Coaching

Group coaching can take place in many different environments and can be completed in a range of different time frames. Some like group coaching to be completed in a short timeframe, perhaps offsite on a weekend or in a week. Others prefer a longer series of training sessions at their office, which gives the attendees the opportunity to practice skills learned and apply them to real-life situations, whilst recording feedback.  Whatever the choice of the sessions, it is important to make sure the content delivered has the desired effect and meets the outcome targets of the gatherings.

Benefits for clients

Learning in a group can be beneficial as it allows peer learning to take place as well. By learning from the contributions of their peers, individuals are given a well-rounded programme and often the questions they may not ask are brought up in conversation.

For those who are introverts, peer learning can also give them a cushion without them feeling ‘on the spot’ or under pressure to contribute.

If the delegates are paying for training themselves, a group session may reduce the costs of training and make it more feasible for all to afford, rather than just higher earners.

Benefits for Organisations

Organisations who undertake group coaching are able to quickly deliver messages to more people, which can be important in changing the culture or dynamics of the business.

Group coaching often also brings together individuals from different parts of the business who may not usually interact (especially in fragmented businesses where everyone has their own expertise and departments). This can lead to a helping culture which may see business process become more intertwined and efficient.

As well as this, people enjoy group coaching sessions and organisations that do it often enough can use it as a way to make sure departments look strategically at what they do, rather than ticking the boxes.

Benefits for Coaches

Coaches can work with and influence more people in a quicker time frame. Working with a group will also mean more ideas and perspectives are shared, producing a different dynamic.

If you are interested in the benefits of group coaching and would like to know how to go about organising a session, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0203 151 6830.