8 MonDAYS Until Christmas

✔ Canadian Thanksgiving – hosted a group of friends around my table sharing food, drink, laughs and thanks. A pot luck occasion making the festivity easy for everyone. Spending time with people I know really well and who feel comfortable and welcomed in my home, for which I’m grateful. And for the leftovers!

✔ Halloween  – celebrated at an American Halloween costume/fancy dress party. Hosted by passionate friends who are generous and have great attention to detail. Saw people I meet only once per year at this party which is fun. Met new people, many of whom I couldn’t identify as they were in costume; it’s funny how you can get to know someone and not even know what they really look like. Very impressive that EVERYONE put elaborate effort into their costumes.

Next on the list is Christmas – 8 Mondays until Christmas! Where has 2017 gone?

If you had to choose one goal to reach before the end of the year, what would it be?

– travel somewhere?                                                                                                                                 – have more fun?
– let go of something?
– spend quality time with friends and family?
– experiment with a new behaviour?
– learn a new skill?
– create a new habit?
– keep a healthier diet or lifestyle?                                                                                                            – learn something new about yourself?                                                                                                      – feel more joyful (or other emotion)?                                                                                                        – be present/mindful/in the moment?                                                                                                        – stretch outside your comfort zone?

I want to hear your end of year goals whether it's something from above or something else!

What will you strive for in the next 8 weeks?