Mindfulness Tips for Busy People

Whilst we all know that happiness is important, sometimes, we put it on the backburner just because there’s not enough time to prioritize things that affect our wellbeing. In an ideal world, we would schedule moments every day in which we would prioritize ourselves. Anne at DIRECTions coaching can work with you to ensure that you take that time. Ultimately, if we’re rested better, we’ll perform better elsewhere. 

A mindful moment can help, to ensure that you don’t spread yourself too thinly, and keep a much healthier schedule.

Walk Mindfully

Whilst walking is generally one of the most relaxing exercises in the world sometimes, it can be easily ruined by thinking too much, or even rushing to our location. When walking, it’s best to be mindful of the world around, paying attention to the full experience. Feel your feet alternately hitting the pavement, what are the sights, sounds and smells around you. Focus on each one separately and together.

Eat Mindfully

Eating is something that we all enjoy! When we eat mindfully we become more aware of the food that we’re eating. This makes us more appreciative of food, and also makes us more likely to eat healthily, and taking more times to enjoy eating meals. Smell the food, notice the colours and textures, feel the food in your mouth. There’s a philosophy of chewing your food at least 20 times to fully appreciate the sensation.

Really Listen

Everyone responds well to someone who truly listens, and the act of listening can be mindful too. Paying full attention to someone when they speak is powerful. When doing this, we hear what’s said and what’s not said and  understand more fully what they’ve said. We’re not focusing on what our reply is, we simply focus on what is being shared at that moment.

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